Jonah Hepting

Graphic Designer...Illustrator...Painter...

Welcome to the ultimate artistic website on the web, covering all needs from Graphic Design to fine art! On the various pages on this site, you will view examples of my wide array of skills in both Graphic Design, Hand Painted murals, Illustration, and other artistic skills. My name is Jonah Hepting, the man behind this website, the founder and creator of JH Mural and Design and currently a resident of Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Art has always been a passion for me, especially the creation of logos. I often spent much of my childhood time drawing such things as comic books and fighter jets (as all boys do!). As I grew older, I never thought of art as a career path, rather a hobby.

Originally a Chemical Engineer major at Colorado State University, I soon discovered my creative side struggling, I changed my major to Graphic Design and began my training working with artistic elements. Colorado State University allowed me to reach my dreams with a degree in Fine Art with a concentration in Graphic Design. I was able to incorporate the world of art with history, design, typography and painting.

Upon graduation, I landed my first job employed with a multi-media company in Connecticut where I created tutorials for IBM, GE, and other businesses. Following a move to New Jersey, I was employed for over three years in the marketing department of a prominent athletic club, the Atlantic Club serving over 7000 members at two sites. From there, I was employeed at a successful Jeresey Shore Advertising Agency, Sirius Advertising.

Moving back to Colorado in 2006, I have been employed at Pride Marketing, a successful marketing company serving many companies throughout the United States. Job responsibilities include creating logos, brochures, magazine ads, and various other marketing tools.

Freelancing became second nature to me. I started small by painting children’s rooms which soon flourished in to restaurants, single paintings, furniture and all rooms of the house. My mural business is increasing and it is inspiring to know I have the ability to liven up any space.

Do not hesitate to call! You will obtain a fair price, great customer service coupled with talent for design. Browse the site then call 303.929.3205.